The Cleveland School of Etiquette was established to help individuals develop their personal, professional and social graces.

In a world that has become significantly casual, we  forget that there are still events and circumstances when a particular behavior and/or dress code is expected of us and our children. Regardless of how casual we become as a society, we will always be judged and perceived by our behavior, our actions and our manners. 

Good manners remain timeless and never go out of style.

The Cleveland School of Etiquette is committed to training future leaders.   We instruct individuals and groups, on appropriate behaviors by presenting the lifestyle skills necessary to be effective in virtually any situation - from a simple dinner to a formal wedding; from a telephone conversation to a business meeting. 

Our program is designed to develop an inner confidence that emanates from an individual who is prepared for any situation.

Although, we may feel our manners are acceptable, it is not about what we think. It is about the person who has the opportunity we are seeking.

How do you want to represent yourself to a business associate?  A dinner guest? The head of a school you would like your child to attend? 

The Cleveland School of Etiquette prepares our students and clients with the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct themselves with confidence, dignity and grace.    

Recognizing situations when a particular behavior is recommended or necessary, will give you a significant advantage over your competition and in life’s endeavors. 

Welcome to the Cleveland School of Etiquette and Corporate Protocol. 

*Video Introduction to Etiquette